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2 Roses for 2 Months

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  When he gave me these roses, he said to me: “2 roses for 2 months, it’ll last forever.” I responded with, “Does this mean I’ll get three next month? (:”

I must say, this has got to be the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. No matter what he’s always trying his best to make me happy, even though I can be so mean and easily annoyed he’s still by my side trying to do whatever he can. I hope he’s right & I hope not only do the roses last forever, but so will our feelings ❤


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April 18, 2011 at 3:41 am

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Dior, Great For Lashes: Two Thumbs Up

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Short post, dedicated to this amazing serum! I swear by this stuff, no lie. Yes, it is a bit pricey retailing for $28, however in my humble opinion it is worth every dollar. I cannot rave about this product enough, I have already tweeted it and blogged about it on my luuux. My lashes are not and have never been the most volumized nor have they been extremely long. However, this serum has given my lashes length and some volume (not so much volume but more so lenght). This serum transforms my lashes SO well that it almost looks as if I am wearing falsies. Now, I am a lover of falsies I have an obscene amount hidden in my vanity and I do wear falsies often so my lashes definitely take a beating from time to time with the application and removal of lash glue. When followed by my holy grail mascara DiorShow Extase Mascara these two products complete my eye look and instantly adds a little bit more drama as opposed to any other mascara topped with it. I have tried other mascaras with this serum (it can be used as a deep conditioner if applied alone at night or as a mascara base) and yes it still does a decent job with lengthening, but it does not give me the same results when followed by a dior mascara. At first I was a little skeptical about trying this, some reviews on Sephora said that people had a problem with this product holding a curl. I however, have never had that problem, in fact I believe this to hold a curl very very well probably the best than any other of my mascaras. All in all, the heavens have answered my prayers and delivered me with this product.

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September 19, 2010 at 6:57 pm

Concrete Jungle: FNO

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Fashion Night Out in NYC was definitely a great experience! I love that city (: Sometimes it’s just a great feeling to get away for a little bit. I am so glad that my friends and I decided to take a little adventure to NYC for fashion night out and I am definitely looking forward to next year’s fashion night out now. There were SO many celebrities, models, fashion designers, makeup artists, and makeup gurus in the city it was unbelievable.
Just arrived to NYC (“… concrete jungle where dreams are made of there’s nothing you can’t do. Now you’re in New York..”)

A group picture, finally! These mini baby cupcakes are so delicious/mouth watering I kid you not. Definitely worth getting, I remember the first time I saw this mini cupcake place randomly in the Soho area I was automatically intrigued. Go check them out!
NYC has a frozen yogurt truck! Everyone who knows me, knows I am obsessed with fro yo & make it a goal to eat it all the time! Haha unfortunately, I did not try the yogurt at this truck because I was in search of a pinkberry. Isn’t that amazing, I swear NY has everything!

This super pink truck my friend and I spotted a mile away. Guess what?! It was a marc by marc truck outside of bloomingdales. If the frozen yogurt truck did not surprise you then this truck should definitely shock you. It was a truck that exclusively sold marc by marc acessories. That is not even the best part, every purchase came with ice cream!! How adorable and clever!!

(Our meals @ Shaghai Joes) They are mostly known for their dumplings, which were amazing!! Sadly, the main course not so much.. my friend did enjoy her pan fried noodles though. I am definitely craving these dumplings right now though (drools) next trip there I will only order the crab and pork dumplings (:

Right next door was Quickly bubble tea! I swear I am super Asian sometimes, I definitely know how to appreciate a good cup of bubble tea and some steamed buns yummm*

Here we are in the streets of the infamous NYC Chinatown. Bellys full = big smiles on our faces. We were on our way back to time square to visit some events for fashion night out.

We are in front of central park!! Like true tourists we had to take pictures!

So random & probably the weirdest thing I saw that night lol.

The highlight of my night (: We saw Alexander Wang!!!! No way? It was truly amazing! My eyes immediately lit up when I entered Barney’s 7th floor where Alex Wang stood with Rye Rye on the tracks. I was satisfied after that and my night was complete.

On our way back home, we had a bus to catch. Wish I could have stayed longer, right after Alex Wang the Olsen twins were going to make an appearance 😦 😦 Next year I will definitely plan things out better. If you weren’t there than I suggest you be there next year, it was definitely an amazing experience! I saw so many models and youtube gurus, however was not able to capture great pictures. I actually wish I was able to take more pictures… there is always next year!

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September 15, 2010 at 12:25 am

Shoes: I’ve Got a Sick Obsession

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Lately, I have been obsessed with quantity! I am guilty of loving variety, I just simply love to have options (as bad as that may sound). I just wanted to dedicate this post to shoes that I have accumulated in the past couple of months. I absolutely adore shoes and I firmly believe that they either make or break an outfit. All in all, keep in mind that your shoes say a lot about you.

Some outfits I put together to give you guys a better idea of how these shoes would look on. I would definitely say my style is pretty casual cute.

  1. F21 cardigan, aerie wife beater, h&m skirt, jcrew skinny belt
  2. F21 sweater, f21 necklace, f21 rosebud skirt,
  3. F21 sweater, express tank, etsy necklace
  4. Aerie cardigan, aerie scarf, jeggings, express tank
  5. Miley cyrus knit blazer, ae tee, f21 necklace, jeggings
  6. H&m scarf, f21 sweater, jcrew pants
  7. F21 necklace, urban outfitters tee, express cropped pants, timex watch

The Perfect Summer Nails

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It’s already the month of August (my birthday month yay!). Summer has definitely flown by, where has all the time gone? I’ve been on summer break since mid May and I can not believe that we are already approaching the Fall season, but here is just  a quick update about a nail polish I have literally been obsessing over: China Glaze’s Flip Flop Fantasy. A polish that is sure to let you enjoy what is left of summer. Let me just say these pictures I found on google do this polish NO justice. Trust me when I tell you that this is totally trendy right now & just the perfect summer color. This nail varnish will look great with a tan as well ( ;

I am going on a mini vacation with my girls to a beach in DE. I am super excited, for it will more than likely be one of the last times we will all be together this Summer before everyone else is off to school, or will be super busy with school. 😦 I am definitely going to try and soak up all the sun I can get and enjoy every bit of this get away.

The memories await ❤ …

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August 4, 2010 at 9:58 pm

Sisterly Love

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If there is one person out there that I can say honestly knows me better than I know myself, it would definitely be my sister. Growing up, our parents would always be at work so, she took care of me. We are six years apart and she has always had that internal motherly nurture over me. Over a year ago, when my sister told me that she was moving to California I was devastated (I cried a lot, but she never knew :). She told me that I was old enough now to take care of myself  & that I would be fine. Not only was I losing my sister, but I was losing my best friend to 2,804 miles. Of course another part of me was happy for her, knowing that she was going to build a beautiful life over in Cali. with her fiance. We talk on the phone/skype often & we also like to send one another packages just to let the other know that we are thinking of them (: Recently, she mailed me a package of goodies & I just wanted to mention a few of those items.

This is the NYX Champagne & Caviar palette. To be honest, I do not own a lot of NYX products, although I know it is good quality for an inexpensive price. My sister knows that I love neutral colors, so this palette is perfect for me! This has been my go to palette to do my everyday look. Usually, I would reach for my 3 mac shadows (vanilla, satin taupe, & phloof). But this palette is great, it is extremely pigmented and affordable! The colors are easy to work with, easy to build upon, and easy to blend. The #1 reason why I love this palette so much is because it offers a nice hint of color without looking overly done.

*She also sent me some pigments

She bought these jars just to place the pigments in (they usually come in little baggies, how considerate of her!) These jars make them look super chic (:

One of the pigments is a mac pigment in Old Gold (our favorite). If you are curious about pigments (loose eyeshadows) I would definitely say that Old Gold has to be one of the first ones you try. Typically, when I use Old Gold I foil it & it lasts (I kid you not) ALL DAY! & still looks perfect by the end of the night!

*The next three are from coastal scents*

This is the ultra shimmer mica powder & all of these mica powders are very finely milled. Which increases the fallout when applied, however this color is so beautiful! Definitely has to be one of my new favorites. It is very shimmery (a given in the name) so if you are not into glitter than this dust sadly, is not for you.

^^ Illusion Luxury Gold

^^ Misteriouso Bronze

These two I have yet to try, although I am very curious about the gold. Definitely, can not wait to try them the next time I go out & want to look fancy [:

<– LOL these notes always come complimentary to her packages. Yes, she calls me little man amongst lots of other names, probably because I use to be a little tom boy growing up, funny how I am the complete opposite now -_- (embarrassing!)

Those are just a few things that my sister mailed me recently, she is the best! I am not exaggerating when I say that I have the best sister in the world. Even though she is half way across the U.S, she still manages to take care and look out for me. She never fails to amaze me & is one of the best people I know. She has the biggest heart & is ALWAYS thinking of others.

To the left is one of the most recent pictures we have together, when I went to visit her for Spring Break in March. We were @ universal studios (:

She also blogs & has a youtube (: so if you are interested definitely check her out!



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July 23, 2010 at 12:13 am

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“I Never Told You”

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Colbie Caillat- I Never Told You

“I miss those blue eyes, how you kiss me at night
I miss the way we sleep
Like there’s no sunrise, like the taste of your smile
I miss the way we breathe

I see your blue eyes, every time I close mine
You make it hard to see
Where I belong to, when I’m not around you
It’s like I’m not with me.”

I recently went to Virginia Beach for the July 4th weekend & it was lovely. Definitely an experience I will never forget Above is a picture of when my friends and I were watching the sunrise from our hotel balcony. Sadly, I was not able to take an unnecessary amount of photos because I was experiencing some camera issues -_- Definitely need to look into different camera brands etc. I think its time to upgrade (:

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July 11, 2010 at 6:57 pm